Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One picture tells more than a thousands words...

Hey, related to the previous post. Today, NASA's Earth Observatory website published a very powerful image acquired by VIIRS/Suomi NPP.

By looking the difference between North and South Korea you can tell the difference between the Republic and the Democratic People's Republic. Or as the Earth Observatory puts it
City lights at night are a fairly reliable indicator of where people live. But this isn’t always the case, and the Korean Peninsula shows why. As of July 2012, South Korea’s population was estimated at roughly 49 million people, and North Korea’s population was estimated at about half that number. But where South Korea is gleaming with city lights, North Korea has hardly any lights at all—just a faint glimmer around Pyongyang.
Finally, a little joke for the readers who can understand Finnish
Täällä Radio Jerevan. Kysykää meiltä mitä te haluatte, me vastaamme teille mitä me haluamme.
• Meiltä kysytään:
Mitä eroa on demokratialla ja kansandemokratialla?
• Me vastaamme:
Sama kuin paidalla ja pakkopaidalla.


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