Thursday, July 4, 2013

No rest for a PhD student

Hey guys,

it is already July and I'm still not headed for vacations... poor me. That is because I'm writing the introductory part of my PhD thesis. It is coming together great and the title will be
On state and parameter estimation in chaotic systems
Neat. I like the title. In addition, I have promised to write a proceedings paper about GOMOS onestep algorithm for SPIE Remote sensing conference. You can read the abstract here.

So, quite a busy summer for me. And no time for actual research. Huh.

Gladly, I have booked a trip to Italy with Iolanda and Masa. That will be right after Ferragosto. In October-November I will be have a six-week paternal month at home with Masa. I'm looking forward of it.

That all for now. Have a nice summer!



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