Friday, April 25, 2014



I found an interesting video today that I wanted to share with you guys. Here it is

As we write on our NO3 paper
SAGE III continued the heritage of SAGE I (1979–1981) and SAGE II (1984–2005) by measuring ozone, nitrogen dioxide, water vapor, and aerosol extinctions by solar occultation technique and additionally performed new nocturnal measurements of ozone, NO2, and NO3 using lunar occultation technique. SAGE III was launched 10 December 2001 on board a Russian Meteor-3M spacecraft, and it recorded data between 7 May 2002–26 October 2005 in lunar occultation mode ... A copy of the SAGE III instrument will be deployed on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2014. It will continue to record data in the lunar occultation mode, and hence it will provide NO3 vertical profiles.
The launch of SAGE III on ISS is currently scheduled to be 400 days from now, so in March 2015. You can find more information from this website.



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