Friday, January 5, 2018

2018: Centre of Excellence of Inverse Modelling and Imaging

Happy New Year 2018!

They are plenty of new things in my academic life. I am officially back at Finnish Meteorological Institute, now with the title “Senior Research Scientist.” Because of the large organization change at FMI, the name of my group is now entitled “Greenhouse Gases and Satellite Methods” in Earth Observation Research Unit.

Centre of Excellence of Inverse Modelling and Imaging: applications.
Probably the biggest news story is that now also our FMI team is part of the new 2018–2025 “Centre of Excellence of Inverse Modelling and Imaging.” The University of Helsinki team, the team where I had the pleasure of visiting for the last seven months, coordinates this Centre! We will have the kick-off meeting next week at Uunisaari. It will be fun!

Regarding this site, I updated my Biographical Sketch. Enjoy!

In the next post will recap my experiences from Slush 2017 Skolar Award.

Stay tuned!


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