Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New NASA Images Highlight U.S. Air Quality Improvement


lately I have been posting about NO2 in Baltic Sea. This post is related to those. Essentially, the news tell us that air quality has gotten way better in the US (and the rest of the Western world), although, many seem to think the opposite. This is because of the regulations and cleaner technology, even when we have more cars on the roads today. Satellite images, as always, reveal the reduction quite objectively.

Anyway, the reason why I wanted to blog about this subject is that I wanted to show how tremendous job our colleagues at NASA do. Check this website out to see how scientific images should be presented. In particular, I like those before and after images. Very cool.

Unfortunately, other countries do not have organizations like NASA that understands the importance of great satellite images and open data. Blaah.

Nitrogen dioxide pollution, averaged yearly from 2005-2011, has decreased across the United States. Image Credit: NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/T. Schindler

See also some news videos from here and here.


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