Friday, August 15, 2014


the good old OMI Very fast delivery service is now called SAMPO. The reason for the name change is that now we are also delivering OMPS data from the Suomi-NPP satellite.

The idea of the service is to provide data very quickly after the satellite overpasses FMI's Satellite Data Centre at Sodankylä, Northern Finland. Quickly here means some 15 minutes – the time that is needed to process the data. The service is based on so-called direct-readout concept where the instruments measure the atmosphere and simultaneously send the data down to Earth for processing.

You can find the new website here.

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Btw. Read this Wikipedia article to learn what Sampo actually means.

Btw2. Did you know that Suomi is a Finnish word for Finland, and that the Suomi-NPP satellite is named after Verner Suomi, whose parents arrived in the US in 1902 from Finland.

Btw3. Example figures:

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